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Brand: Tampesta
Pale yellow color with gold edges. On the nose is a medium to high-intensity aroma of reminiscent of white fruit and a sweet background of tropical fruits. taste is lean towards a fresh style with a justifiable acidity, light-bodied with a mid-palate. Tasty long and persistent white fruit taste.Al..
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Tampesta, Golan Rosado Barrica Tampesta, Golan Rosado Barrica
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Brand: Tampesta
Light pink and pale ruby red trims. Powerful intensity aromas of raisin and tropical fruits like pineapple with hints of stonefruits. Taste are cool and vibrant with a justifiable acidity. Pleasant body with a mid palate of wild raisin. Prieto Picudo from Tierra De Leon, Spain...
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Brand: Tampesta
High color intensity with cherry red and ruby red edges. High-intensity aromas of plum, raisins, and a hint of sweet blackberry. The initial taste is silky and pleasant. powerful body with a polished tannin and slight acidity. Long aftertaste with persistent raisin aroma.Prieto Picudo from Tierra ..
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