About Chiyogiku

  • Matakichi Sakakura Ⅸ founded Chiyogiku in the mid-19th century, a period when many Black Ships were arriving in an attempt to end Japan’s seclusion from the world.
    It was Sakakura’s in hope for Japan’s prosperity during a time of such national crisis.
  • Sake Chiyogiku

Using quality rice and materials, we give all our heart and care in making sake.

At Chiyogiku, we weigh great importance on the materials we use. Rice is a key component in making superior sake. We are particular on where ‘Yamadanishiki’ (top class sake-rice) we use is being produced. Another important factor is the water. Chiyogiku’s preparation water is the groundwater from Nagara River, a renowned clear stream. It is drawn from a well 128m deep. This water is soft and completely sterile so the fermentation of ‘moromi’ (the mash) is slow and gradual, taking longer days until ready. The result is low acidity sake with smooth and refined taste.