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Brand: Nicolis
Color: deep ruby red.Bouquet: intense, elegant, with hints of ripe plums and cherries, and spices.Taste: full-bodied, balanced, well-rounded and longlasting...
Ex Tax:MYR195.00
Brand: Nicolis
Color: deep ruby red.Bouquet: complex, harmonious, elegant, with notes of dried fruit, jam, underbrush, walnut husk and leather.Taste: balanced, rich, delicate, austere and long-lasting...
Ex Tax:MYR390.00
Brand: Nicolis
Color: intense garnet red.Bouquet: rich and outstanding, with notes of dried flowers and fruits, balsamic herbs, cloves, tobacco, cocoa and leather.Taste: full-bodied, structured, soft, long-lasting and with a "three-dimensional" taste progression...
Ex Tax:MYR525.00
Brand: Nicolis
Colour: ruby red of medium intensity.Bouquet: pleasant and delicate, with hints of cherries, and marasca cherries.Taste: dry, bodied, slightly bitter, savoury and harmonious...
Ex Tax:MYR145.00
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