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About Us

We believe "Good things come in pairs", hence our name

We select our products based on the below unique proposition value:

Philosophy on quality, value, and concept

Products from wineries/ breweries that adapts certain philosophy on quality, value, and concept.

Boutique or family-owned

Products from the boutique or family-owned wineries/ breweries which has a long tradition and history in making the products.

Small and controlled production

Small and controlled production would ensure the quality and consistency of the products.

Aging policy before releasing to the market

Winery adapting aging policies would ensure products released to the market are consistent and drinkable.

Selected by our panel of qualified sommeliers

Finally, all the wine/sake listed are carefully selected by our qualified sommeliers after visiting the winery/ brewery to observe the wine-making process and philosophy. We also understand the history and tradition of the winery/brewery to bring you the story behind the products. Find out more on "Our Story"

We strive to offer the best we can, lets enjoy a unique wine experience with us at